Whether you're self-isolating or just social distancing because of Covid-19, we'd like to thank you for respecting the safety of our Team and fellow Customers.
We've put some policies in place to make it especially easy for you to continue your boating lifestyle while adhering to the COVID-19 Self Isolation guidelines. 
Call us 
For all contact please call or email us, we check our messages and emails regularly throughout the day so you won't need to visit the office. 
Free pick up and delivery service 
We are running a free pick up and delivery service for all of Whitianga and surrounding areas. 
you can call us to arrange this and we will come around to collect your boat or Sealegs and drop it back to you when it is finished (avoiding face to face contact and staying at least 1.5 meters away at all times.)
Online banking
Invoices will be emailed to you with instructions for online banking.
Online shopping 
All our supplies are available online here  (just make sure you have selected "Mercury Bay Marine" at the top of the page) and the goods can be delivered right to your doorstep.
If you are looking doing some work on your boat and it's engine or boat parts  you are after we can help you with this also, please call 07 8671280 or email us at info@mercurybaymarine.co.nz
For more information on Self-Isolating please check the link below