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" Here at Mercury Bay Marine, we love what we do and take pleasure in ensuring your time on the water is safe and enjoyable "


With highly trained and experienced technicians you can count on Mercury Bay Marine for authorised high-quality service and support, customer satisfaction is top priority. 

Whether your vessel runs on petrol or diesel, our team has your needs covered. 

Meet The Team

Black and white photo of the owner of Mercury Bay Marine in Whitianga Mark Cosgrove

Mark Cosgrove
Managing Director/Dealer Principal

As the "boss man" at Mercury Bay Marine, Mark is widely recognised and trusted for his extensive knowledge in marine electronics and engine servicing. With hands-on experience and strong troubleshooting skills, he excels in various marine specialties.

Mark is your go-to person for marine electronics and engine re-powering, He's is not only passionate about boating and fishing himself but also dedicated to helping others maximise their time on the water.

A Black and White photo of Michelle the friendly receptionist at Mercury Bay Marine

Michelle Snowdon
Office Reception / Admin & Accounts

With a decade of experience at Mercury Bay Marine, Michelle is the heart of our team. From bookings to accounts, she ensures smooth operations in our office.

She's the smiling face behind our counter and the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Michelle also knows her way around a boat and can navigate your boat-related inquiries with ease.


Ryan Cark
Marine Technician Apprentice

Ryan's journey reflects his unwavering commitment to mastering marine mechanics.

His experience as a propulsion technician in the Navy, along with his time as apprentice to Mercury New Zealand in Auckland, has laid the foundation for his current role at Mercury Bay Marine.

Here, he continues to refine his skills, with each passing day Ryan's passion for marine is evident in his diligent work ethic, and eagerness to learn as he nears the end of his apprenticeship proving himself as a vital asset to the team.

Black and white photo of Phill an experienced senior marine technician at Mercury Bay Marine, specialising in boat servicing, repairs and maintenance with exceptional skill and expertise.

Phill Gaskin
Senior Marine Technician

Phill has had a lifelong passion for the marine industry, he started his apprenticeship right after school and has now accumulated over 25 years of experience. Specialising in Outboard Engines, he is well-versed in servicing and repairing all major brands of both Inboards and Outboards.

You can trust Phil's expertise for top-notch marine maintenance and repairs.

Photo of Ethan a proficient marine mechanic at Mercury Bay Marine, ensuring exceptional boat repairs, maintenance, and service.

Ethan Morgan 
Marine Mechanic

Originally from an automotive background Ethan has taken Marine in his stride, as he continuously adds more Mercury certificates to his repertoire, Ethan ensures meticulous attention to detail in every job he undertakes.

Beyond his professional expertise, Ethan's personal love for boating and fishing further fuels his passion for the industry.

Count on Ethan to provide exceptional service and a good understanding of the needs of boaters and fisho's alike.

A black and white photo of Serah from Mercury Bay Marine

Serah Jennings-Cosgrove

As partner to Mark, and the other owner of Mercury Bay Marine, Serah plays a vital role behind the scenes. she handles the finance and administrative tasks, and leads the marketing efforts.

Serah ensures the smooth functioning of the business and promotes its success.

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