The CTEK LIVE LIFE FULLY CHARGED KIT  includes everything you need to properly charge and maintain your motorcycle, automobile, boat and RV batteries.  Regularly charging batteries will minimise unexpected battery failures and will significantly extend the life of your batteries.

Kit includes: CTEK MXS 5.0amp 8 stage, fully automatic battery charger, wall mounting bracket, 2.5 metre comfort connect extension, CTEK cooler bag and a 250ml Red Bull energy drink.

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The CTEK MXS 5.0  is a 12 volt, 5 amp fully automatic smart charger with a unique 8 stage charging process.   Once connected, the MXS 5 will test the battery and take the appropriate steps: desulphating, reviving, charging, conditioning and maintaining.  It can be connected for extended periods of time without the risk of overcharging.

The MXS 5.0 includes a 0.8 amp mode for smaller batteries and a reconditioning mode that can be used to bring deeply discharged or older batteries back to life.

Technical Data:

Voltage:  14.4V NORMAL/14.7V AGM/15.8V RECOND

Charge Current:  5 amp maximum

Battery Type: 12V lead-acid batteries

Battery Capacity: 1.2 - 100Ah

IP65 (splash and dust proof)

5 year warranty

CTEK Live Life Fully Charged Kit

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