<p>How many times have you left a mess in the kitchen after cleaning a few fish? </p><p>Or wished you had a suitable table at the right height for gardening or other outdoor activities? </p><p>This Fishtech Fillet Table is the solution. </p><p>Designed with the angler in mind, it features a sink complete with faucet and a drain channel that directs any excess liquid back into the sink. </p><ul><li>Table Dimensions: 115 x 59 x 94.5 (width x depth x height) </li><li>Folds flat for easy transport and storage </li><li>Stainless steel faucet and tap </li><li>Fits a standard garden hose </li><li>Drain channel directs excess liquid into sink </li><li>Hard wearing surface </li> </ul>

Fishtech Fillet table with Faucet​

SKU: FT3543