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The 3rd generation of the famous FCV588 series just got even better A powerful standalone fish finder that packs a whole lot of punch, you'll find the FCV 588 on the boats of NZ's keenest trailer boat fishos! Well paired up with a TM260  1KW transducer this fish finder is perfect for everything from chasing kings and snapper, to bluenose .

The FCV588 Powered by BlueBeam™ features RezBoost™ technology for enhanced resolution, Furuno's awesome ACCU-FISH™ feature that accurately measures the size of the fish before you target them in up 100m of water. And the unique Bottom Discrimination mode, tells you exactly what kind of ground you are sitting on to help target the right species. 

The FCV588 is the best entry into serious gamefishing territory, we have sold many to lots of customers that are unsatisfied with the performance of the built in sounder on their other brand MFD's - remember Furuno make sounders, - not watches :) 

Dual frequency fish finder equipped with revolutionary new RezBoost™ signal processing technology

Improved clarity and resolution that was previously impossible with conventional narrowband transducers has been made possible thanks to the new RezBoost™ technology. Spot individual game fish surrounding bait balls, as well as fish close to the seabed. With the dual-frequency (50/200 kHZ) RezBoost™ technology, not only can you expect higher resolution and crisper visuals, but also improvements in the ACCU-FISH™ function.

 ACCU-FISH™ - a unique fish size analyzer based on the latest digital Technology

Bottom Discrimination - analyze bottom structure

Provides an at-a-glance recognition of bottom composition with four types of graphical displays (Rocks / Sand / Gravel / Mud) when connected to a supported thru-hull or transom mount transducer.

White Line feature - discriminate fish lying near the bottom

The top edge of the bottom echo is displayed in white to clearly show bottom structures. This feature helps to discriminate between weeds and bottom fish distinctly.

Configurable Alarm function (depth, fish targets)

You can preset an area on the Fish Finder that you want to watch and as soon as a fish echo appears in that area, a loud alarm will sound, as well as displaying an alarm icon on the screen. You can also set the alarm to be triggered by specific conditions for water depth, target depth, water temperature, bottom type and more. With the Fish Alarm function, you will fish smarter, not harder. You never have to miss a target again!

Share and display information on a chartplotter*

Furuno's TLL (Target Latitude/Longitude) output allows you to interface the FCV588 with your Furuno chartplotter so that you can mark fishing grounds with various information (L/L, Depth, Water Temperature, Fish Size and Bottom Type).

Fast transmission rate of 3,000 PRR (Pulse Repetition Rate) per minute (at 5m depth range)

  • 8.4' colour LCD (480 x 640 resolution)
  • Dual frequency 50/200 kHz
  • 600W / 1kW RMS power 
  • Range scale: 2-1200 m
  • Pulse length & PRR: 0.04-3 ms, Max 3,000 pulse/min
  • Display modes: single frequency (50 or 200 kHz) / dual frequency / zoom / NAV data / A-Scope / marker zoom / bottom zoom / bottom-lock / bottom discrimination / ACCU-FISH™ / RezBoost™
  • Waterproofing: IP56
  • Power supply: 12-24 VDC, 12-0.6 A
  • Size: 270 (H) x 233 (W) x 158 (D)
  • Weight: 2.3 kg (Bracket mount) / 1.6 kg (Flush mount)

Furuno FCV-588 Fishfinder

PriceFrom $2,595.00
    Mercury Bay Marine price match
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