TZtouch2 12.1" Multi Function Display

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(also available in 15.6")

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Total Control, Simply Refined

With a sleek all glass front, refined graphical user interface, built-in RezBoost(TM) Fish Finder, and internal GPS antenna, NavNet TZtouch2 is a beauty to behold and use.


Enhanced FEATURES of the TZtouch2


    User InterfaceTZtouch2

    NavNet TZtouch2 features a graphical user interface that has been renewed and refined, focusing on usability and ease of operation.


  • Internal Fish FinderTZtouch2

    Featuring the brand new RezBoost™ technology. NavNet TZtouch2 can effectively spot individual fish and increase your catch. The first of the Furuno line to carry the new technology.



    Chart PlotterTZtouch2

    With NavNet TZtouch2 it is possible to freely choose the charts that fit your individual needs.


  • Radar on the TZtouch2

    Gain/Rain/Sea settings with optimal results and Crystal clear target presentation and automatic 


  • Wireless TZtouch2

    Connecting to internet wifi, NavNet TZtouch2 can wirelessly access real-time weather data, Community Charts*, Cloud Data Services* and more.

User InterfaceTZtouch2

Simple, elegant, refined, just plain beautiful

Following in the footsteps of the original NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2 features a refined user interface that is all about usability. 
Whether you are searching for hot fishing grounds, plotting your next route, using your Radar to navigate through the fog, you can expect smooth operation with familiar touch gestures.

New Graphical User Interface TZtouch2

You can “Edge Swipe” from all four sides to access various options. Swiping from the left of the screen reveals the NavData panel, where you can customize contents to simplify navigation and chart usage. You can set the autopilot, check tide information and much more. Swipe down from the top of the screen and display page options drop down for quick and easy access. Swipe the right side to view contextually appropriate menus, and swipe from the bottom for chart and data layer options. Rather than digging through menus, all of the important options are now just a swipe away.

Click the icons to activate the Edge Swipe gesture.


Swiping from the left of the screen reveals the NavData panel, where you can customize contents to simplify navigation and chart usage. You can set the autopilot, check tide information and much more.  With Layers and slide out menus providing superior capability and user friendy system.

Home Screen 




The new re jigged user friendy home screen, has bright and crisp graphics, is easy to understand and operate. The colors and icons have been carefully chosen to provide maximum visibility, allowing you to know instantly which screen is displayed, just by seeing the color and icon. Drag and drop function to simply change or toggle between display screens. Easy and customise to suit your needs.

Fully Customizable TZtouch2


Arrange instruments by the touch of your finger. You are free to customize the display to precisely fit your unique needs. Also note that instruments can overlap each other, giving you even more space to work with.



The instrument page is impressive just on its own rights, but where it really shines is it's customizability. No matter if it is for navigation, engine and tank monitoring, autopilot control or all together, data can be displayed according to your personal tastes and needs.

Internal Fish FinderTZtouch2




Rezboost™ is a revolutionary new technology utilizing FURUNO's advanced digital signal processing to provide fantastic resolution without having to change your transducer.

  • Conventional Signal Processing

  • RezBoost™ Signal Processing

Every NavNet TZtouch2 display has a built-in Fish Finder that is dual-frequency (50/200kHz), and has a 600W/1kW power output. With TZtouch2, Furuno is introducing a new, proprietary Fish Finder technology, called RezBoost™. RezBoost™ is a revolutionary new feature that utilizes Furuno's exclusive digital signal processing protocol to produce fish targets and images that are 4-8 times sharper than a conventional Fish Finder, without the need to change out your narrowband transducer, or purchase an expensive broadband transducer.


FURUNO Digital Filter (FDF™) Fish Finder

FURUNO Digital Filter (FDF™) Fish Finders feature advanced filtering capabilities and digital auto tuning, which eliminates noise. FURUNO FDF™ Fish Finders deliver the ability to spot individual fish with clarity, accuracy and detail. Whether in shallow or deep water, FURUNO FDF™ Fish Finders give you what you would expect from a Fish Finder at all times. Includes post-processing gain control, which is applied to all existing returns on the display history.


TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder Finding More Fish

An advanced technology for both professional and enthusiast fishermen. Designed to operate across a wide range of frequencies utilizing a broadband transducer, the TruEcho CHIRP™ network Fish Finder delivers significant advantages in signal clarity and target definition. Due to the constant sweep of frequencies the TruEcho CHIRP™ network Fish Finder is capable of gathering more and higher quality data than a traditional single frequency Fish Finder. The clear presentation marks individual game fish and bait fish, even when tightly schooled together. TruEcho CHIRP technology delivers 7x-9x image sharpening over conventional FDF.

  • High Frequency CHIRP

  • Low Frequency CHIRP

  • High Frequency
    Wide Beam CHIRP

  • Low Frequency
    Wide Beam CHIRP


ACCU-FISH™ (Fish Size Analyzer)



 The ACCU-FISH™ algorithm analyzes echo returns in order to compute individual fish size. The algorithm is capable of computing fish size ranging from 10 cm up to 199 cm long. Fish depth can also be displayed.

In some instances, fish size indicated on the NavNet TZtouch2 may differ from its actual size. Please carefully read the operator's manual prior to utilizing this feature.


Comes with:

  • 12" Multifunction display unit
  • NZ chart card
  • 2x Fuse 5A 125V
  • LCD cleaning cloth
  • Cable accessories CAP6-BK-PE
  • Power cable assembly 3.5m
  • 2x Flush mount sponge 12H
  • 2x Flush mount sponge 12v
  • 2x Flush mount fixture
  • EMI core GRFC-9
  • Slotted head hex bolt M6x12
  • Operator's guide
  • Installation Manual
  • Flush mounting template
  • Environmental data sheet

Furuno NavNet TZTouch2 12'' GPS/Fishfinder with NZ Chart