The FURUNO DRS4W is the first radar antenna in the world that allows you to wirelessly access radar images on your iOS devices, combining ease of use with great flexibility. After installing and setting up the application available from the Apple store for free, you can watch radar images directly on your iPad or iPhone.

You are free to move around on your boat whilst still having complete information of your surroundings.

Installation is simple with just one power cable - no bulky radar cable.
Low Power consumption.

  • A 4kW Radar antenna, powerful yet compact in size
  • Wireless LAN, first Radar in the world accessible from your iOS devices
  • No extra wiring needed except the power source, making installation a breeze
  • Simple touch interface with familiar gestures
  • User selectable range scale from 0.125 to 24 nm
  • Two iOS devices – simultaneous operation
  • Guard Zone

Furuno Radar DRS4W-10 for Deep Blue series