<div><p><b>Furuno NavNet TZTouch2 12.1' MFD </b> </p><div><p>Simply Refined, Simply Beautiful. </p><p><strong>12C 1Kw Pack - TM260 Depth/Temp 1Kw&nbsp;Transducer & NZ Chart </strong> </p><p><strong>12E WIDE PACK - DFF3 TM275LH-W Depth Temp CHIRP Transducer & NZ Chart </strong> </p><p><strong>12F DEEP WATER PACK - DFF3 1Kw 38 & 200 Khz Transducers & NZ Chart +Temp Sensor </strong> </p><p><strong><br> </strong> </p> </div> </div><div>Product Features </div><div><p>With a sleek edge-to-edge all glass front, refined user interface, built-in RezBoostâ„¢ Fish Finder, and internal GPS antenna. The NavNet TZtouch2 is beautifully designed, allowing you to build a navigation suite that is functional, but also offers a luxurious look and feel. </p><p>Simply, the NavNet TZtouch2 is a beauty to behold and use. </p><p><u>Key Features: </u> </p><p>Built-in Fish Finder with RezBoostâ„¢ Technology: a dual-frequency (50/200 kHz), 600W/1KW power output sounder utilising Furuno's revolutionary new advanced digital signal processing technology (RezBoostâ„¢). RezBoostâ„¢<span class='redactor-invisible-space'> improves target separation without the need to change out your transducer, or purchase expensive broadband (CHIRP) transducers. </span> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'> </span> </p><figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/fish/fish_tt1_ph1.jpg' data-image='j8hp7ykbxx42'> </figure> <figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/fish/fish_tt1_ph2.jpg' data-image='sc7xq537irox'> </figure><br><p> </p><p>Left Image - RezBoostâ„¢ Off (Left) / Right Image - RezBoostâ„¢ On </p><p>Target Analyzerâ„¢ with Echo Trail: our latest solid-state NXT radars utilises Doppler technology with Target Analyzerâ„¢ function - targets approaching your vessel automatically changes colour to help identify potentially dangerous targets. (Green targets are stationary while red targets are hazardous targets moving towards you. Targets will dynamically change colour based on their course of direction). Echo Trail enhances and amplifies the Target Analyzerâ„¢ and Doppler technology - Echo Trail along with Bird Mode detects and accurately tracks birds, providing a clear view of the the target by reducing noise.<br> </p><p> </p><figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/radar/radar_tt7_ph02.jpg' data-image='lq9kljea3tsu'> </figure> <figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/radar/radar_tt9_ph02_en.jpg' data-image='95cqimxyzmpu'> </figure><br><p> </p><p>Advanced Multibeam Technology with DFF-3D: deep and wide-range water column targets and seabed can be displayed in real-time with new innovative multibeam technology. Highly detailed images are derived from the combination of an advanced signal processing system (DFF-3D 'Black-Box') and compact multibeam transducer. Display modes include: Cross Section, 3D Sounder History, Triple/Single Beam Sounder and Side Scan. </p><p> </p><figure><img src='http://www.furuno.com/special/en/fishfinder/dff-3d/imgs/ft3_ph1.jpg' data-image='g6at8ryoi3pn'> </figure><br><p> </p><p>Instrument Display & Customisation: arrange instruments by the touch of your finger. You are free to customise the display to precisely fit your needs.<br> </p><p> </p><figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/interface/interface_tt2_ph1.png' data-image='0lja0ddryq95'> </figure><span class='redactor-invisible-space'><br> </span><p> </p><p>Digital Switching on Your Fingertips: Monitor and control digital switching CZone system from your NavNet TZtouch2.<br> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'> </span> </p><figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/interface/interface_tt6_ph2.jpg' data-image='nfdv2x1rr20o'> </figure> <figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/interface/interface_tt6_ph3.png' data-image='z5icw8u3gziq'> </figure><br><p> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'><br> </span> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'>iOS and Androidâ„¢<span class='redactor-invisible-space'> Apps: view information on your smart devices via wireless network, while also access real-time weather data, software updates and more. Apps include: NavNet Remote App (full control of your TZtouch2), NavNet Viewer App (view instrument information), NavNet Control App (controller with touch controls).<br> </span> </span> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'> </span> </p><figure><img src='http://www.navnet.com/tzt2/imgs/features/apps/apps_main_ph1.jpg' data-image='9qwhqx5f2lf2'> </figure><p> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'><br> </span> </p><p><span class='redactor-invisible-space'><br><strong> </strong><br> </span> </p> </div><div><div><div> </div> </div> </div>

Furuno TZ 12& Fishfinder Charplotter Pack