GPSSeahorse™ Electric Pack


The GPS Seahorse™ Electric Pack is the ultimate beach fishing package. The GPS Seahorse™ Kontiki is matched with the Seahorse™ winch and traceboard, it will give you everything you need. Just get some bait and your away fishing.


  • The GPS Seahorse™ Electric Kontiki with the powerful 2 speed 46lb thrust motor.

    • 22 amp hour SLA battery pack (phone for other options)

    • The CTek™  Automatic Multi Stage Charger
    • Night activated strobe light and flag

  • The Seahorse™ Electric Winch with:

    • 2000 meters of 140kg breaking strain line, including 1600m of mainline, 250m of 120 stoppers, 150m of leader, a shock cord

    • 14 amp hour SLA Battery
  • The Seahorse™ "clip & go" Traceboard with 26 traces
  • 10 spare traces

  • 5 clip on weights

  • ​Operator's manual and DVD 

  • 24 Month Warranty and 30 day money back guarantee*


The GPS Seahorse™ Electric Kontiki With Autopilot

The GPS controlled Autopilot in the GPS Seahorse™ uses technology developed by the Team at Seahorse™ to give the user ultimate control over over the direction of their Seahorse™ Kontiki. Simply point it in the direction you wish it to travel in, and when ready, swipe the magnet over control, and the course is set and that's where it will go. Once launched, the GPS controlled autopilot will steer the GPS Seahorse™ along that course. If there is an side current, the autopilot will adjust and steer the Kontiki into the current, so the selected course is maintained. If a wave knocks the kontiki off course, then it will be steered back onto course.   

This will allow the fisher to tackle large surf with the knowledge the GPS Seahorse™ will go straight out where they wanted. It's the same with the busy East Coast Beaches. The Fisher can confidently launch knowing their Seahorse™ will go where they pointed it. You will also be able to target specific areas of seabed to improve your catch.

Seahorse™ has used a unique patented combination of compass and GPS technology to make the most accurate Kontiki autopilot ever!!. It is the only one that will go where you point it. Based on the ever successful Seahorse™ Kontiki, and over 13 years of Kontiki production, the GPS Seahorse™ Kontiki has many improved features that help the GPS Seahorse™ preform better than ever.