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Features: Stiff action 12ft 2 piece carbon composition blanks fitted with SS Bent Base, SS tip, Pulley and cleat.

Designed primarily for small boats these new deluxe outriggers are much stiffer than traditional small boat riggers and will resist fold back when towing larger lures.

For convenience they are of 2-piece construction with a flush fit spigoted joint.
The Bent Butt style bases are designed to fit straight into your existing rod holders
or rocket launcher, no fitting required.

Colour; BLACK

Sold as a pair. A rigging kit is sold separately.

Like all Kilwell Branded products these have a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Proudly made in New Zealand. 

Kilwell NZ Outriggers 3.6m Stiff DLX BB 2pc (pr)

    Mercury Bay Marine price match
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