<p><strong>2 BAR CAMP KIT (Orange / White) </strong><strong> </strong><br> </p><p><strong>Orange LED Light is perfect for reducing the attraction of insects </strong> </p><p>With the ever expanding industry of LED lighting, the need for a dual colour LED light bar that is specifically designed to reduce the attraction of insects is needed more than ever. You now have the option of changing your lightbar to orange to reduce bugs around your campsite. Your dual colour light bar is still able to provide brilliant white light for cooking and lighting up your campsite. We have designed this kit carefully and added two of these dual colour orange/white light bars to be used outside where you are affected mostly by insects at night.<br>Installation is a breeze so you can install it yourself. The quick connectors ensure easy connection between other LED products, batteries and cables. This product is dimmable using a Korr® dual colour dimmer switch. Due to its aluminium casing and fully waterproof (IP68) LEDs, the rigid bar light is extremely tough. </p><p>Our cables are design to eliminate voltage drop issues as they are heavy duty double insulated cables so you get no voltage drop over the long lengths which results in brighter bars. All cables come standard with Waterproof locking connectors, this stops them coming apart and any water issues affecting them. </p><p>Our Splitter cables are built using a heavy duty 5 amp in and out spliiter cable.<br><strong><em> </em> </strong> </p><p><strong><em> </em> </strong> </p><figure><strong><em><img src='http://korrlighting.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/OW-web-design-2-bar.jpeg' data-image='750huwblqdoz'> </em> </strong> </figure><p> </p><p><strong><em>2 BAR KIT CONTENTS </em> </strong><br> </p><p>2 x 48cm High Powered Orange/White LED bars<br>1 x Orange / White Dimmer Switch<br>1 x Cigarette adaptor with 3m lead<br>1 x Battery Terminal Clamps to female Cigarette adaptor<br>1 x 5m Extension Lead DC<br>8 x Velcro wraps for mounting<br>20 x Zip-Ties for mounting<br>1 x Carry Case<span class='redactor-invisible-space'><br> </span> </p><div><br> </div>