A synthetic blend 2-Cycle engine oil specifically formulated and developed to meet the needs of:  

  • OptiMax and Direct Fuel Injected (DFI) 2-cycle outboard engines. 
  • - Provides the maximum protection for OptiMax and DFI engines even under the most extreme operating conditions. - Outperforms other oils by combining a carefully modified base stock blend with a synthetic additive package.
  • - Minimises carbon build-up to help maintain engine top end speed and acceleration. 
  • - Superior lubrication for increased resistance to piston scuffing.
  • - Will mix with typical 2-cycle engine oils. 
  • - Provides warranty protection for Mercury and Mariner OptiMax and DFI outboards.
  • Available container sizes: 473ml, 946ml , 3.78lt, 9.46lt

Mercury Optimax DFI Oil -3.79L