<p><strong>eatures: </strong>Precision Pak insulated Fish Saver Cooler Bags are made with the highest quality material and insulation and have<br>many great features. The marine grade vinyl is mildew and UV resistant, the 30cm (12') gusseted bottom allows<br>the bag to stand on its own, so is easier to load and will hold more fish. All of the bags come with a drain<br>plug for easy clean up and are completely collapsible for an easy stow away. Tie down loops at each end<br>of the bag mean you can secure the bag on the gunwale or duckboard of your boat. These bags hold more fish,<br>alleviate smells, and are easier to clean and stow away than a hard bodied cooler. Because they have such high<br>quality insulation, they are able to hold ice for days, which allows you to stay out longer<br>knowing that your fish is fresh and safe.<br><br>- Heavy-duty marine grade vinyl<br>- Washable, Mildew, and UV resistant<br>- UV and mildew resistant thread<br>- Heavy duty marine zip<br>- High quality 12mm close cell foam insulation<br>- Gusseted bottom sits flat, expands for larger capacity<br>- Drain spout<br>- Carry handles on sides<br>- Tie down loops at each end of zip </p><p>- Capacity approx 150 litres<br>- Measures 75H x 150L at zipper, 30 x 120cm at base<br>- Measures 30'H x 60'L at zipper, 12' x 48' at base<br> </p>

Precision Pak Fish Saver Cooler Bag 150 litre