A New Zealand classic optimised for your best health! Grass-Fed Lamb, combined with broccoli, tomato, almonds, and flavoured with fresh mint and rosemary.This nutritionally dense meal has been designed to provide optimal macro- and micro-nutrients, supporting energy levels, peak physical and mental function. With over 35g of high-quality protein, this meal supports muscle tissue repair and maintenance. Quality fats and complex carbohydrates provide long-burning fuel to keep you energized for the most demanding adventures.A meal designed to support your health just as much as it does please the taste buds. A perfect solution to fuel your next adventure, sports event or busy day!INSTRUCTIONS:Requires: 250ml Boiling Water. Ready in 10 minutes.We know you cannot wait to eat your meal, so we have kept the rehydration process simple with 3 easy steps.Tear open meal and remove oxygen absorber.Add water to rehydrate, stir thoroughly and reseal.Wait for rehydration, tear open the second seal to create bowl and enjoy!Saving your meal? No worries, our meals last 2 years before openingIngredientsGrass-Fed Lamb (22%) [Grass-Fed Lamb (90%), Organic Rice Flour, Parsley, Ginger, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil], White Rice, Courgette, Leek, Red Capsicum, Cauliflower, Organic Olive Oil, Broccoli, Pea Powder, Ground Almonds, Organic Coconut Milk [Includes Tapioca Based Maltodextrin], Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Coriander Leaf, Cinnamon, Allspice, Black PepperContains tree nuts. May contain traces of milk, soy and fish.