Connect to any existing Raymarine Axiom system with a compatible IP camera to enable ClearCruise™ AR and image stabilisation.

The AR200 is an Augmented Reality Sensor consisting of a 28-Channell GPS/GNSS Receiver and a 9-axis Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor. It provides position, heading, pitch and roll data and when combined with a compatible IP camera the AR200 provides image stabilisation and enables use of the ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality  features available on your Axiom MFD.

ClearCruise™ AR (Augmented Reality)
dynamically overlays the image from a compatible IP camera with navigation cues including AIS and MOB targets, waypoints and navigational marks to improve situational awareness highlight objects.

Compatible IP cameras Include:

  • Raymarine Cam210 and Cam220 Visible Light Cameras
  • FLIR M100,200 and 300 Series Thermal Cameras.

Raymarine AR200 IP Camera Stabilisation Module