This Ultimate ClearCruise™ package is ready to go, all you need is power. Consisting of a Raymarine Axiom display, AR200 stabilisation module and FLIR M232 this package offers all light viewing as well as advanced Raymarine only features such as Image Stabilisation, Auto Tracking, ClearCruise™ AR and ClearCruise™ IR.

ClearCruise™ IR Analytics
is the second person at the helm, proactively identifying targets that you may not notice, especially at high speed, day or night! This could be another vessel, jet ski, kayak or objects in the water like a buoy.

ClearCruise™ AR (Augmented Reality) dynamically overlays the image from a compatible IP camera with navigation cues including AIS and MOB targets, waypoints and navigational marks to improve situational awareness highlight objects.

The FLIR M232 is a Pan and Tilt IP thermal camera which turns night to day, keeping you safe when on the water. The M232 can be used to identify objects in the water with different thermal footprints such as debris, vessels, buoys, people or substances like oil in and on the water. One of the added advantages of having thermal imaging is the ability to visualise significant sea temperature breaks and birds on the water that can otherwise be missed by radar, whilst identifying breaching whales, dolphins and gamefish.

Raymarine Axiom Augmented Reality Pack