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Scanstrut Rokk Wireless Phone Charger Edge 10W 12/24V Edge 10W securely holds and wirelessly charges your phone even in the toughest outdoor conditions. Now you can keep your phone in sight, fully charged and ready to go. Our new upgraded 10W chargers are up to 60% faster and have been designed for the latest generation of power-hungry devices and apps.
Our improvements don’t just stop there, now featuring easier phone alignment with a larger charging area, and electrical componentry that has been enhanced to significantly improve your phone’s charge times, even in the harshest outdoor environments. With the same great look, ROKK Wireless is tried and tested in all corners of the globe in all weathers, and conditions.
• 12/24V
• 10W fast charging
• IPX6 waterproof
• Qi certified
• Instant charging
• Mount & charge
• High friction grip
• Rotate your phone through 90 degrees
• Switch up your phones viewing angle on the move
• Single-handed docking
• Fits all phones
• Works with phone cases

Scanstrut Rokk Wireless Phone Charger Edge 10w 12/24v

$499.99 Regular Price
$349.00Sale Price
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