<p>All New Superwinch S5000 with Synthetic Rope. </p><div>STANDARD FEATURES </div><div>Power in and Power Out </div><div>Mechanical and dynamic brake </div><div>Full metal gear train </div><div>Free spool clutch </div><div>Highly efficient low amp draw motor </div><div>SPECIFICATIONS </div><div>Rated Line pull 5000lb /2268kg Motor 2.1hp (12v or 24v) </div><div>Gearing Differential Planetary Gear Ratio 159:1 </div><div>Free spool clutch Lift/Lever Action </div><p> </p><div> </div><div>OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES </div><div>Winch Cover Pulley Block Wireless Remote Custom switch </div><div> </div><div>DIMENSIONS </div><div>Mounting bolt pattern: 93.7mm on Centre </div><div>Fully enclosed motor and solenoid </div><div>Full metal gear train. Quick and efficient </div><div>9m control pendant </div><div> </div><div>Unique synthetic rope with overbraid </div><div>Commercial, integrally mounted solenoid Circuit breaker protected Durable handheld remote with 9m lead Roller fairlead Next generation synthetic rope designed especially for use on winches </div>

Superwinch S5000 Boat Winch

SKU: S104413