<ul><li><span> </span> Designed and Engineered in Japan </li><li> Built for Rugged New Zealand Conditions </li><li> Submersible / Waterproof VHF Marine Radio </li><li> Simple: Easy To Use </li><li> Floating / Lightweight Design: Radio only </li><li> 1W & 2.5W Maximum TX Output Power </li><li> Waterproof: Meets the world standards JIS8 level. Being defined as protecting against the effects of continuous immersion in water. </li><li> Built-in Antenna: Precision matched for optimum performance. </li><li> Large Backlit Channel Display </li><li> Triple Watch Mode: Monitors Channel 16 and Channel 9 simultaneously for a signal while at the same time allowing to listen to the selected channel </li><li> Digital Squelch: 3 level Digital Squelch </li><li> </li><li> One-Touch Channel 16/19: At the touch of a button you have access to Emergency Channel 16 or Channel 9 </li><li> Battery Level Indicator: View the radio frequency signal strength </li><li> International Channels: Communicate using International Marine VHF Channels </li><li> Memory Scan: Allows you to scan the programmed channels in the memory </li><li> Table-Top Drop-In Charger </li><li> Battery Save Operation: Allow the Atlantis 150 to automatically save and conserve power when not in use </li><li>Keypad Lock: Locks the keypad to avoid accidental key presses </li><li>1 Year Warranty </li><li> </li><li> Includes: 1 x Atlantis 150 VHF Marine Radio, 1 x Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack, 1 x Charge Cradle, 1 x AC Adaptor, 1 x Belt Clip and 1 x Owner’s Manual </li> </ul>

Uniden Atlantis 150 VHF Handheld Radio

SKU: Atlantis 150