Suitable to carry a dinghy (including rigid hulled inflatable) up to 3mtrs (10ft) in length.
Comes complete with a handy sailing dinghy mast holder located on the drawbar (this can be removed if not required).
Adjustable height side rollers.Trailer frame is fully galvanised. 8' galvanised wheel rims and axle. 4.80 - 8' 4 ply tubeless tyre. Maximum pressure 60 psi.
3.75 - 8' wheel rim. 4 studs with a standard 4' pattern. No suspension. Max weight: 400kg.
3 ~ 3.25m long overall. (2 positions). 1.88m wide overall. 1.5m inside guards. Bow chock to centre roller 2.2 ~ 2.5m (2 positions).
Centre roller 160mm wide, adjustable in height range 120mm. Side rollers 83mm wide, adjustable in height range 150mm.

Supplied in kitset form. Takes about 1 hr to assemble with standard handtools. No welding required.
(It is highly recommended that the hub is packed fully with marine grease before use. There is a grease nipple on the inside of the hub for this and for maintenance purposes).
Excludes lights & on-road costs.

12 month limited warranty (items such as tyres, wheel bearings and seals excluded).

Yacht/Dingy Trailer - Kitset