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Adult sizes as well as high quality made in New Zealand  toddler and infant lifejackets


























Waitkato laws for life Jackets 

Vessels 6 metres or less

While vessels 6 metres or less are underway, everyone on board:

  • must wear a lifejacket (or personal flotation device)

  • the lifejacket must be securely fastened

  • and the lifejacket must be appropriate size. .

Note: the skipper is responsible for complying with this rule. Failure to comply may result in a $200 fine. 

Vessels bigger than 6 metres


In vessels more than 6 metres in length, everyone on board must wear a lifejacket (or personal flotation device), unless the skipper has assessed the risk and considers it ok for lifejackets to not be worn.

Except, lifejackets must be worn:

  • when crossing a bar, including 200 metres either side

  • and in situations such as the following: 

    • low visibility

    • rough seas

    • adverse weather

    • boating at night

    • high river flows

    • in an emergency.

In all other situations, enough lifejackets must be carried aboard in a readily accessible location to securely fit each person aboard.


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