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    Winter 2023

  • Your Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Boat in 6 Easy Steps

    Are you daydreaming about the endless possibilities of owning your own boat? Picturing yourself cruising the open sea, enjoying fishing expeditions with mates, engaging in adrenaline pumping water sports, or embarking on weekend adventures with the family- exploring the wonders of our amazing coastline? If you're ready to make your boat ownership dreams a reality, you be wondering what are the common pitfalls of buying a second-hand boat? How do i assess the condition? if your looking for a bit of a checklist of sorts, read on for the perfect guide to help you navigate the process of buying a second-hand boat. From setting your budget to finding the right vessel, we'll be your trusty captain on this exciting journey, so grab your captains hat and lets set sail.. Step 1: Chart Your Course - Defining Your Boat Needs and Budget: Before you embark on your boat-buying voyage, it's crucial to start with some groundwork. Begin by determining your budget and identifying the type of boat that best suits your needs and desires. What are you likely to be using the boat for? 1) Family Boating 2) General Harbour Fishing 3) Serious Fishing - Big Game 4) Diving 5) Water Sports 6) Cruising Once you have a clear idea of the type of boat that suits you best, it's time to consider factors like if you'd prefer Fibreglass or Aluminium, what boat size you'd like, and what features, or specific extras you'd like on board. Remember Storage: Ensure the boat can fit in your garage without any major alterations. While we have seen some creative solutions in our travels, it's definitely best to avoid unnecessary modifications. Check Towing Compatibility: Confirm if your current vehicle is capable of towing the boat you desire. With a focused approach to your budget and boat style, you're now ready to embark on your journey towards finding the perfect match! Step 2: Cast Your Net -Exploring Boat Listings and Classifieds: Now that you have your boat requirements sorted, it's time to dive into the online world and local papers. Browse reputable boat listings and classifieds on dedicated boating websites and local forums. When you find a brand that catches your eye after thorough research, stick with it, be cautious of online forums, as they may provide conflicting advice and opinions that are largely unhelpful. Opting to buy from a reputable marine shop offers several advantages, that a private lister may not be able to offer, including consumer guarantee laws and potential warranties. Additionally, boat dealers often provide finance and insurance services for your convenience. If you are buying a boat from a reputable dealer you'll have peace of mind in knowing the boat has been inspected by a professional a will come with a 90 day mechanical warranty. While there are still great deals to be found in private listings, be aware of potential issues because there will be no warranty or guarantee, we also encourage you to check out the private boat sale advice given by New Zealand Police and check the stolen boats data base, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Step 3: Put on Your Detective Hat -Boat Inspections: Once you've spotted some potential contenders, it's time to meticulously inspect the boat's key aspects, both inside and out. Pay close attention to 1) Engine condition, 2) Electrical systems, 3) Service history, 4) And trailer (if applicable). Booking a pre-purchase inspection at a local boat shop is a wise investment. Not only can it save you thousands in the long run, but it also provides peace of mind when towing your new boat home. Any issues discovered during the inspection may give you room to negotiate a fair price if you decide to proceed with the sale. Whether you're purchasing privately or through a dealer, it's highly recommended to organise a sea test the boat before finalising the deal. Step 4: Test The Waters - Sea Trials: Arrange sea trials with the sellers of your shortlisted vessels. Take the helm, feel the wind in your hair, and listen to the engine roar. Opt for a day with moderate sea conditions to properly assess the boat's performance, avoid sea trials during bad weather, you will get no benefit in a sea trail if you cant even get the boat onto the plane, and experience the it's full capabilities. Focus on the following during the sea trial: 1. Stability 2. Responsiveness while driving and underway 3. VHF communication with coastguard (ensure a clear signal) 4. Engine's ability to reach maximum RPM 5. Hole Shot (speed at which the boat gets onto the plane) *very important if you'll need to do bar crossings, you cant have enough horse power on the back in these situations, too little power can could cause serious problems. 6. Check for any concerning smells, fuel issues, and inspect battery areas and fuel lines 7. Confirm functionality of sounders and electronics 8. Perform tight turns under power to evaluate responsiveness and propeller performance "Trim the engine down as you turn and check responsiveness of the boat while doing this, and the RPM of the outboard, if the propeller captivates then the engine may be mounted a little too high. You'll want to have a good bite in the water while turning especially if you wanting to use the boat for water sports" say's Rhys Boat Sales specialist from Mercury Bay Marine Step 5: Sealing the Deal - Essential Documentation: Congratulations! You've found "The One." Once you've negotiated a price, ensure the following is in order: 1. Boat's service history 2. Current trailer registration 3. No outstanding debts on the trailer or boat 4. Current Warrant of Fitness (WOF) 5. Tow bar ball compatibility (match with your vehicle's specifications) *note most European vehicles will have a 50mm tow ball, where in New Zealand the majority of tow hitches are 1 7/8. 6. Change of ownership has been completed 6. Notify your insurance provider with all the necessary details to ensure coverage before taking your new boat home. Step 6: Safety & Coastguard: Now that you have your boat, the safety of everyone on board should be your top priority. Joining Coastguard provides invaluable support throughout New Zealand and could save lives in emergency situations. Create a pre-departure checklist to ensure you've covered all safety measures and avoid any mishaps at the boat ramp. Consider the following pointers before setting out to sea: 1. Sufficient life vests for everyone on board 2. Check that bungs are securely in place before launching 3. Utilise trip log services with coastguard to communicate your plans 4. Ensure you have enough fuel for your intended trip, allowing for unforeseen circumstances. 5. Monitor weather conditions and only venture out in conditions you are comfortable with and that the boat can safely handle. Conclusion: With our guide as your trusty compass, you are well-equipped to embark on your boat-buying adventure. Remember, finding the right second-hand boat is like uncovering a hidden treasure, and each step of the journey should be enjoyable. So, set sail with confidence, trust your instincts, and soon enough, you'll be cruising the sparkling waters, creating unforgettable memories aboard your very own boat. helpful links Check out our current boat listings here . Download our pre-departure check list here

  • 20 Gift​ ideas for the Boat Lover in your family.

    Looking for gift ideas for boaties or a fisherman? You might be relieved to know that having a lust for life on the water, is a great starting point for an endless wish list of marine related gadgetry and chandlery. From everyday practical gear that boaties and fishos love, to advanced gadgets such as stereos, radios and the latest electronics there are loads of great gifts to choose from. As Christmas is nearly here these last-minute gift ideas could save the day and put a big smile on the face of your boating loved ones these holidays. 1. Man Bags! Every guy needs a man bag, and here is 6 great examples.. A 1.Bringing home the prize PRECISION PAK FISH BAG - TUNA Precision Pak Fish Storage Bags are heavy duty insulated fishing bags designed exclusively for the tournament winning fish. $139.99 B 2. For the boater BOATING AND OUTDOORS SAFETY GRAB BAG To store all your Safety Gear and it FLOATS! $109.99 C 3 For the diver PRODIVE RIPSTOP VINYL GEAR BAG 100 ltr These bags are constructed from strong ripstop vinyl 00L capacity Reinforced carry handles . $59.99 D 4 For the angler KAI COOLER INSULATED FISH CATCH BAG Your go to catch bag for the boat. A space saving alternative with loads of features to keep your catch in premium condition. ON SPECIAL Just $119.99 *for a limited time. E 5 For the hunter RIDGELINE WASHABLE GAME BAG Dimensions are 1.5 x 2 metres. Fabric is breathable and fully washable. Includes practical ties . $29.99 6. SALT-ATTACK Multi function engine flush and spray gun This what any boat user needs handy in shed, The gun used with Salt-Away concentrate removes salt from the engine, boat, trailer, fishing rods and reels - resulting in reduced corrosion which in turn assists with a reduction in the day to day wear and tear on all metal moving parts. $54.99 7.SALT-AWAY Concentrate Designed for both internal engine flushing as well as an exterior salt removing treatment. Mixed with water, Salt-Away washes away the salt and if not raised off, leaves a protective film on the surface to prevent rusting and corroding, and protects it against future salt corrosion. $49.99 for a limited time 8. MOTHERS MARINE Regular boat maintenance with quality Mothers Marine Care products is an essential part of keeping a vessel looking like new - Check out Mothers spray wax, synthetic wax, vinyl and rubber cleaner, wash n wax, and MothersPower Products. 16. CHILLI BINS Chilli Bins, (Coolers, Ice bins) perfect for camping on the boat or summer BBQ's priced from $119.99 17. Bomber Eyeware Everyone whose spent time out on the water knows how important it is wear sunglasses and protect your eyes from the waters glare. Bomber eye-ware float on the water, are polarised and are extremely comfortable with their tight grip and soft fit. $120.00 19. Olukai Jandals and Boat shoes Hawaiian inspired footwear, designed for people who love the ocean life style. Water-resistant, durable, quick-drying, non-marking soles, high-quality, and comfort like no other 20. Vac & seal Keep your food fresh and clean The Innovation 3 is robust, built with high quality materials and design. Ideal for packing food or storing bait, the Innovation Vac and Seal Vacuum Packer will keep food clean and tightly sealed so you don’t have to worry about getting them contaminated. It removes air from specially designed bags to extend food freshness longer than conventional methods. Now you can preserve the freshness of food (or bait) and save some for later. All you need to do is seal 'em. 2 free rolls included in box. $269.99 Regular Price $229.99 on special 20. Gift Voucher If none of these ideas inspire.. how about a voucher? Our gift vouchers can be redeemed in-store or on-line. (e)Gift Vouchers can be paid for by, Credit card, Paypal or by Bank Transfer For more Christmas inspiration check out our Mercury Bay Marine's website or online shop, there are plenty more goodies to chose from including; Fishing lures, Marine radios, Marine sound equipment, Rocket launchers, Fish finders, Life jackets and PFD's binoculars, torches plus so much more.. Have a safe and Happy Christmas and a great summer on the water

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  • Marine Engines, trade in deals on Mercury Fourstroke Outboards

    Gauges Used Engines 4-Stroke 2.5HP – 60HP 4-Stroke 75HP – 150HP 2-Stroke Engines Inboard Sterndrive Engines 4-Stroke 175HP – 400HP Request sale pricing here Mercury Engines Quick View Mercury® Diesel: 2.0L (115-170hp) - 150HP Mecahnical Price $35,585.00 Add to Cart Quick View MERCURY® DIESEL 2.8L (220hp) Price $47,851.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury® Diesel: 3.0L (150-270hp) - 270HP Mech Price $59,425.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury® Diesel: 4.2L (270-350hp) - 270HP Mechanical Price $53,352.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury® Diesel: 4.2L (270-350hp) - 320HP DTS Price $62,510.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury Vessel View Price $2,473.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 7.5e Electric Outboard Price $6,498.00 Add to Cart On Sale Quick View Mercury 3.3MH 2 Stroke Regular Price $1,243.00 Sale Price $999.00 Add to Cart On Special Quick View Mercury 5MH 2 Stroke Outboard Regular Price $2,521.00 Sale Price $2,099.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 8MH 8 HP 2 Stroke Outboard Price $3,334.00 Add to Cart On Special Quick View Mercury 9.9Hp 2 Stroke Outboard Regular Price $3,492.00 Sale Price $2,799.00 Add to Cart On Sale Quick View Mercury 15HP 2 Stroke Outboard MH Regular Price $3,641.00 Sale Price $2,999.00 Add to Cart CLEARANCE 🔥 Quick View Mercury 30HP 2 Stroke Price $5,750.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 2.5HP - 4 Stroke - 2024 Price $1,597.00 Add to Cart On Sale Quick View Mercury 3.5HP 4 Stroke - 2024 Regular Price $1,968.00 Sale Price $1,699.00 Add to Cart On Sale Quick View Mercury 4HP 4 Stroke - 2024 Regular Price $2,195.00 Sale Price $1,799.00 Add to Cart On Special Quick View Mercury 5HP 4 Stroke - 2024 Regular Price $2,222.00 Sale Price $1,899.00 Add to Cart On Sale Quick View Mercury 6HP 4 Stroke - 2024 Regular Price $2,291.00 Sale Price $1,999.00 Add to Cart On sale Quick View 15 HP EFI Mercury Four Stroke - 15MH Regular Price $5,339.00 Sale Price $4,599.00 Add to Cart On sale Quick View 20hp EFI Mercury Four stroke - 20MH Regular Price $5,654.00 Sale Price $4,899.00 Add to Cart On sale Quick View 25hp EFI Mercury Four Stroke - 25MH Regular Price $7,374.00 Sale Price $6,624.00 Add to Cart Quick View 30hp EFI Mercury Four Stroke - 30 ELPT EFI Regular Price $10,710.00 Sale Price $9,810.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 40HP 4 Stroke Price $12,073.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 50HP 4 Stroke Price $13,002.00 Add to Cart Discount available Quick View Mercury 60HP 4 Stroke Price $13,922.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 75HP 4 Stroke Price $14,929.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 90HP 4 Stroke Price $19,769.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 100HP 4 Stroke Price $20,489.00 Add to Cart Contact us for ON SALE price Quick View Mercury 115HP 4 Stroke Price $22,078.00 Add to Cart Quick View Mercury 115HP Pro XS Price $23,003.00 Add to Cart Request a quote Mercury Bay Marine are all about providing you with the best marine engine for your specific needs, so you can have a safe and enjoyable boating experience and get the most out of your time on the water. We specialise in both new Mercury Inboard and Outboard Engines and used Engines of all brands, so you can find exactly what you need at the right price. Trade-in options are available, so you can upgrade your old engine with ease. ​ Check out our featured listings below - *We have a large stock of larger Outboards and not all of our engines are listed on line so please get in touch. Leading the industry in corrosion-fighting durability Mercury Outboards contain at least twice the amount of stainless steel as the competition. Mercury is the only manufacturer to offer a three-year corrosion protection warranty . warranty, giving a total of factory-backed3-yearAll Mercury outboards have a 3+3 warranty, if you comply with the recommended servicing/maintenance schedule you’re covered with an additional 6-years warranty coverage. Trade in your old Engine Request a quote here If you're thinking about repowering your boat .. You have come to the right place! At Mercury Bay Marine we are specialists in re-powering and can give you expert advice and tailored recommendations to suit your hull. Get the job done right, and fall in love with your boat all over again. Send Success! Thank you for your message, we will get back to you with a quote soon. Repower Gallery New Outboards V6, V8, Fourstrokes Twostrokes Nobody makes a more reliable, powerful, and efficient lineup of outboard motors than Mercury: Verado , Pro XS , FourStroke , SeaPro , and Jet . Backed by decades of innovation and leadership, Mercury outboards are built to go the distance, delivering legendary performance driven by forward-thinking technology Mercury Inboards & Sterndrives For every high-performing Mercury® MerCruiser® or Mercury Diesel engine, there's an equally high-performing drive. Working together to give you better performance. Whatever your boating style. Each drive is designed, built, and tested to deliver best-in-class reliability. So you can enjoy easy maintenance, low cost of ownership, and true peace of mind. Mercury Diesels Mercury Diesel engines offer a sophisticated diesel-engine experience: Advanced turbocharging and injection technologies produce a powerband that's carefully calibrated fro marine performance and outstanding economy 2nd Hand Engines Quality trade in 2nd hand engines available Commercial Engines Commercial engines that work as hard as you do

  • Mercury Bay Marine- Repower/Refits Trade in your old Outboard today

    RE-POWER / RE-FIT If you are thinking about repowering your boat ..You have come to the right place! At Mercury Bay Marine we are specialists in repowering and can give you expert advice and tailored recommendations to suit your hull, so you can get the job done right ! FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BOAT ALL OVER AGAIN Unlike an automobile that is largely used up by the time the motor wears out, a boat often lives on through several engine upgrades. A well-designed hull has a classic style that doesn’t date and has a functional life for decades-long. If you are at the point where you love your boat; its classic looks, strong construction and good sea ferring qualities, but are finding that the old engine is becoming more hassle than it’s worth to maintain..... Why not REPOWER? Breathe new life into that boat with more power , better fuel efficiency , and the latest technology . Request a quote View engines Recent Repowers

  • Mercury Bay Marine | Boating Sales, Service and Repair in Whitianga

    BOATS FOR SALE CONTACT US Tel. +64-7-8671280 14 Moewai Road, Whitianga, 3510 ​ VISIT US Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5.00 Saturday 9.00 - 1:00 Sunday Closed ​ ASK US Success! Message received. Send Quick View Sportelli Hatches Price From $104.99 Add to Cart Quick View Projecta 12V 900A Intelli-Start Emergency Lithium J S and Power Bank - IS920 Price $229.99 Add to Cart Quick View Bluefin LED Underwater Lights P6 Nitro Price $669.99 Add to Cart Quick View Oceansouth Boat Trailer Guide Poles for I beams Price From $129.99 Add to Cart Quick View Oceansouth Boat Trailer Guide Poles for rectangle beams Price From $254.99 Add to Cart Quick View AMPS 36V 100Ah & Charging for all 36V trolling motors Price From $4,425.00 Add to Cart Quick View Kilwell Net Boat Rubber 142cm Price $91.99 Add to Cart Quick View Trojan 1500kg Bearing Kit Price $49.99 Add to Cart Quick View GME MO520 Man Overboard Beacon Price $449.99 Add to Cart Quick View Kilwell Game Lure Roll Price $44.99 Add to Cart Quick View Kilwell NZ Manuka Sawdust 5lb / 6.2L Price $19.99 Add to Cart Quick View Kilwell Pack Stool Price $89.99 Add to Cart Quick View Polyester Deck/Cockpit Cushions - Blue Price From $44.99 Add to Cart Quick View Polyester Deck/Cockpit Cushions - Grey Price From $44.99 Add to Cart Quick View Scanstrut Waterproof USB Chargers Price From $85.99 Add to Cart Quick View Attwood Tsunami MK2 Bilge Pumps 12v Price From $84.99 Add to Cart SHOP NOW Discover top-notch boat service and sales in Whitianga, New Zealand's Waikato region at Mercury Bay Marine - your go-to destination for Outboard sales, boat servicing and exceptional marine solutions.

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