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Safeguarding Your Boat and Outboard from theft.

To many of us the Mercury Bay feels like a safe haven, with it's stunning surroundings, familiar faces, and relaxed beach vibe, it can be easy to forget that thefts do occur here.

Boat theft is an unfortunate reality, but by taking proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk.

Here are ten steps to safeguard your marine assets.


#1 Get Insurance On Your Boat

Keeping your insurance current is vital for protecting your investment. Have you upgraded your trailer, outboard, or electronics recently? If so, make sure your insurance reflects these changes. Shopping around can also help you find the best coverage at the best price.

A comprehensive marine insurance policy ensures your boat, outboard and electronics are protected against theft, giving you peace of mind and helping you recover your losses swiftly if the worst happens.

#2: Trailer Locks and Clamps

Secure Your Boat with Quality Locks

Invest in high-quality locks for your boat trailer.

These robust locks provide an extra layer of protection that can make a significant difference. Check out the links below to explore the different options of alarmed and non alarmed trailer locks and clamps

(Left to right)

#3: Engine Locks

For Outboards, consider a dedicated outboard motor lock to deter thieves.

These clever locks enclose the clamp bolts with a robust stainless-steel body which prevents the ability to unscrew the clamp bolts and unlawfully remove the engine. They are adjustable for different lengths and Outboard sizes and are also available for Minn Kota and electric engines.

#4: Cover Your Boat

Use a Boat Cover

A boat cover is not just for protecting your vessel from the elements. It also helps keep prying eyes away from valuable equipment inside.

By using a fitted cover, you make it less obvious what's stored on your boat, reducing temptation for potential thieves.


#5: Mark Your Equipment

Engrave or mark your boat and outboard with your contact information or a unique identifier.

This makes it more difficult for thieves to sell stolen items and increases the chances of recovery if they are stolen.

Keep a record of all serial numbers and distinguishing features of your equipment.

Your local service centre should have a record of your engine serial number on file too.

#6: Store Your Boat in a Secure Location

Where you store your boat makes a big difference in preventing theft.

When your boat is not in use, store it in a secure location, such as a marina or boat storage facility with good security measures, a locked garage or parking out of sight from the road.

If these options are not available, consider installing motion sensor lights or security cameras.

#7: Remove Valuable Items

Never leave valuable items such as electronics, fishing gear, or personal belongings on your boat when it's unattended. Take these items home with you or store them in a secure location.

The fewer valuables on board, the less attractive your boat will be to thieves.


#8: Stay Vigilant and Build a Community

Get to know your neighbours, and ask them to keep an eye out when you're away.

Be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to local police.

A community of boat owners who look out for each other creates a safer environment for everyone. Share information and tips with the community to stay informed about potential threats.

#9: Remove Tote Tanks

Fuel tank theft is the most common theft complaint we hear about at Mercury Bay Marine, Thieves are usually just after the fuel and discard the tanks.

While its easy enough to replace the cut fuel lines and tanks it's an expensive and time consuming nuisance nobody wants … especially on a day they could be fishing.

We recommend removing tote tanks from the boat when its not in use.

#10: Check on Your Boat

Frequent visits to your boat can deter thieves who prefer unattended and neglected vessels.

By regularly checking on your boat, you can spot any signs of tampering early and address potential security issues promptly.

We’re here to help

Hopefully you'll never have to experience boat theft, but if unthinkable happens and your boat is stolen, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Mercury Bay Maine we'll be happy to help in any way we can, we can lodge a flag against your engines serial numbers in the system to ensure that is ever found at a dealership, it will be flagged as stolen.

Stay vigilant and secure your boat, so you can spend more time enjoying the stunning waters and epic adventures that the Coromandel has to offer.

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