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The BLA Marine Performance DC DC Lithium Battery Charger is ideal for charging house and trolling motor lithium batteries whilst underway. The charger is ideally suited to the rigors of on board applications with each unit in a robust alloy housing, which is shockproof and water/ dust proof to IP65. It is configured to voltages for use with most lithium batteries (refer to batteries charge requirements), and utilises an ignition wire for activation for charging from the start battery. This ignition wire makes it suitable for use with wet, AGM or lithium start batteries. The charger has battery safety at mind with mulit-stage charging and features over voltage, over temperature, over current and short circuit protection.

• On board DC DC charging of lithium batteries
• 12/24/36V models for all common lithium trolling motor batteries
• Ideally suited for BLA Marine Performance Lithium Batteries
• LED Indicator for battery charging status
• Ignition wire activation – ideal for lithium hybrid starting batteries
• Current, voltage and temperature protection
• Robust weatherproof housing – IP65

BLA Marine Performance DC DC Lithium Battery Chargers

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