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The all new Bluewater FX Conventional holders are an exciting new look to enhance your boat with a style and grace to compliment your Evolution 360 Rotating holders.

This Bluewater FX Conventional holder will give you the option of a retrofit solution to have your rotating and fixed holders with the same footprint, allowing for future changes in the desired configuration.


Stylish flush mount design.

Made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and treated with a passivation process to prevent rusting.

+ Rated to 60kg / 135lbs Tackle – stronger than any top-grade stainless-steel holder on the market.

+Rotating Measures 143mm / 5.6” long x 115mm / 4.5” wide, with an 8.5” deep tube.

+ Fixed Measures 125mm / 4.9” long x 115mm / 4.5” wide, with an 8.5” deep tube.

+ Installation comparable to typical flush mount rod holders – positioning will be determined by desired rotation of rod holder tube.

Exploding Fish Bluewater rod holder two pack

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