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The Sea Hawk-470 Pencil Beam with Edge Light combines long distancelight performance capable of picking out even the most distant objects,and a striking Edge Light using light pipe technology.

Edge Light has been integrated into this powerful long distance light barto give a distinctive glowing signature whilst also providing gentle ambientlighting. The Edge Light is available in both blue or white to give yourvessel a unique appearance.

The Sea Hawk-470 is synonymous with performance and durability.New optics have now enhanced the spotlight function while retainingthe durable corrosion-proof housing and ultra-tough Grilamid® lens.Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand the Sea Hawk-470carries a 5-year warranty. When outstanding light intensity and provenreliability is needed to safely get you home the Sea Hawk-470 Light Barsare the preferred choice

Hella Marine Sea Hawk-470 Light Bar with Edge Light

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