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Features: The Kilwell Game Lure Roll is a lure wrap bag that keeps your lures clean, dry and prevents tangles.
The back is made of fast drying black mesh, with 6 x clear PVC front pockets which are velcro sealed. Each pouch is clear so you can easily select the desired colour and size without having to dig through a tangle of traces. The roll is secured with a Velcro closure and the handles Velcro together for convenience when carrying.

There are two D rings on one end so you can hang the roll for viewing in the cockpit, or for drying after being washed at the end of the day.

Stores at least 6 large rigged lures, or more if you double the lures up in the pockets.

Dimensions; 120cm x 40cm

Like all Kilwell products this lure roll has a Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Kilwell Game Lure Roll

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