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Telescopic outrigger pole blanks with fittings, used to make Kilwell Stiffy-Riggers.

Kilwell Stiffy Riggers are made using carbon fiber multi-piece telescopic blanks, designed to be compact but highly functional. Being made with carbon fiber means these outriggers are lighter and very stiff compared to fiberglass or aluminium poles.
Stiff outriggers give a crisper release when a lure is struck and prevent the lures “tumbling” in a rough sea.
Nylon cam-locks lock the riggers into the ideal length as required, at the end of the day the riggers are short enough to be stowed away in your cabin or side pockets.
The multiple stainless halyard eyes mean you can run several lures in different positions off either side of your boat.

Complete telescoping poles with nylon camlocks and stainless halyard eyes fitted.

Bases, rigging cord and accessories sold separately.

Poles are sold per each. If you need a pair of poles order x 2 pcs.

Kilwell Stiffyrigger Blank Telescopic - 4.5m - Each

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