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As wind shifts, water conditions change or passengers move about, the Automatic Leveling Control (ALC) will automatically adjust your trim tabs to maintain a level boat for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. These are a short ram system

The ALC automatically corrects the roll from side to side and pitch from fore to aft to enhance your boating experience and improve your fuel economy.

  • Microprocessor based automatic leveling trim tab control with LED tab position indicators
  • Controls roll and pitch automatically
  • Internal GPS - no GPS antenna or network required
  • Automatically adapts to varying sea conditions
  • Completely sealed and waterproof (IP68)
  • UV protected - will not deteriorate in sunlight
  • Prevents automatic corrections while turning
  • Designed for planing and semi displacement hulls larger than 20ft
  • Actuators connect directly to ALC-1 display panel (no external power module box required)
  • Automatically dims LED tab position indicators in darkness and brightens in sunlight
  • Automatically retracts trim tabs when boat is off plane or using optional key switch connection
  • Dual station operation available (ALC-1D and ALC-2D does require external power module)
  • Operates on 10 to 30 Volts DC
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • CE Approved (Compliance with EMC regulations)

Lectrotab Trim Tabs 9x12 Kit with Full Auto Pitch/Roll

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