<p><strong><u>PORTABLE AND DUCKBOARD MOUNTED LIVE BAIT TANKS NZ MADE </u> </strong> </p><p><strong><u>PORTABLE COMBO 45 AND 55 LITRE </u> </strong> </p><p> </p><figure><img cropbottom='5438f' cropleft='5234f' cropright='2453f' croptop='1515f' src='file:///C:UsersOwnerAppDataLocalTempOICE_B2896A26-5457-4E1D-B815-7056026373A2.0msohtmlclip11clip_image001.png' data-image='dn1k4y4g4wuo'> </figure><p>A perfect package for those wanting a portable live bait tank just fill up with water and clip to your battery. Package includes: 45 or 55 Litre Tank, L01 Small lid, Bung, RULE 360 GPH Portable aerator Pump with suction feet, Handles. </p><p> </p><p><strong><u>DUCKBOARD MOUNTED COMBO 45 AND 55 LITRE </u> </strong> </p><p>The ideal live bait tank set up, allowing maximum longevity of your live bait. Transom mounted bracket to be installed below water level on back of transom. Pump simply screws onto bracket and use supplied hose to attach to tank. Ideally situated on the duck board where 5 holes are drilled into the tank for continuous flow of water. </p><p>Package includes: 45 Litre Tank, Small lid, Bung, RULE 500 GPH Tournament series pump Pump complete with Transom Bracket, 2m of hose, Handles, 3/4 inch inlet female fitting, 3/4 inch male Hansen Fitting, 2 cleats welded to each end for fixing to Transom. </p><p><span style='font-size: 10pt; font-family: Cambria, serif;'>L 450 X W 380 X D 320 - 45ltrs </span> </p><p><span style='font-size: 10pt; font-family: Cambria, serif;'>L 550 X W 380 X D 320 - 55ltrs </span> </p>

Live Bait Tanks 45 - 55Ltr

SKU: LBT02/03T