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The TM275LH-W is a urethane, transom-mounted CHIRP transducer, ideal

for sportfishing and commercial vessels 8 m (25 ft) and up. This dual-channel transducer combines Low CHIRP frequencies to accurately track the bottom in deep water, with High CHIRP at a constant 25° beam width for the best resolution and coverage in the upper water column and in shallower depths. The TM275C-LHW CHIRP transom-mount transducer has 8 internal, broadband ceramic elements. The low-frequency can be chirped from 42 to 65 kHz while the high-frequency chirps from 130 to 210 kHz. The beamwidth is a wide 25° across all frequencies. Also included is a high-precision water-temperature sensor for accurate sea-surface temperature readings.

Key Features

-42-65 kHz Low CHIRP with 25-16° beam width

-150-250 kHz High CHIRP with wide 25° beam for excellent fish targets

-Up to 1200 m (4000 ft) range with Low CHIRP

-8 internal broadband ceramics

-Transom-mounted with urethane housing and stainless steel mounting bracket (can retrofit to existing TM258 & TM260 brackets)

-Suitable for fiberglass, wood and metal hulls

-Ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels 8 m (25 ft) and up

-Recommended for use with the NSSevo3 and S5100 sounder module

Lowrance/Simrad XSONIC Airmar TM275LH-W Transducer

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