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The RC8 rope/chain windlass is the product of over 30 years of engineering refinements and is the third generation of Maxwell windlass in this size with some of the best performance and longevity figures on the market. The tried a true RC8 can be used with 8mm (5/16″) chain spliced to 14mm 8-plait nylon rope.

The patented Wave Design™ rope/chain gypsy (chainwheel) is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences (both imperial and metric) within the RC8’s specified chain size diameters.

Are you running all chain? No problem. The RC8 works just as effectively with all-chain rode.

  • Gearbox can be removed by hand and without tools for easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Full disassembly capability of the topworks utilizing only the handle provided and an Allen key.
  • Manual override and ‘Free Fall’, using the emergency crank/clutch handle provided.
  • Sealed oil bath and marine-grade hard anodised, alloy gearbox provides maximum output via a precision worm and worm wheel.
  • Every Maxwell RC8 automatic rope/chain windlass comes with top works, motor/gear box and dual direction solenoid.
  • The unique spacer tube design allows for installation through virtually any deck thickness, and the multiple mounting positions and self-aligning gearbox ensure optimal orientation in virtually all installation situations.

Maxwell Anchor Winch RC8

PriceFrom $1,899.99
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