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Daniamant is proud to introduce the ODEO Distress as the next generation of Electronic Visual Distress Signal Device (eVDSD). As the world starts to embrace LED technology as an alternative to traditional pyrotechnic flares Daniamant have built on the ground breaking ODEO Flare design and improved the product once more. New standards and regulations are still being discussed at the USCG and RTCM; these will result in an alternative standard to replace pyrotechnics. Whilst this work proceeds in the background, Daniamant thought that our Customers should be able to take advantage of technology advances in the interim.


Traditional flares will illuminate for around 30 seconds before extinguishing, the Odeo Distress illuminates for around 8 hours at full illumination. Because no pyrotechnics are used, the Odeo product range is totally safe when switched off, and because it uses battery power (high power Lithium or Alkaline cells), it can even be safely posted or carried in baggage on flights.

Major Benefits
• No heat, no flames, no risk
•No explosive compounds for shipping or disposal
• Increased Safety
• Longer operating life – now 8 hours 25% more than the ODEO Mk3
• Supplied with lanyard
• Search and Rescue aircraft safe
• Ideal for diving; tested to 75 meters for 1 hour
• Floats
• Easy user battery change
• Now includes IR LED for NVG search and rescue
• SoS Signal built in
• Small compact design (grab bag item)
• Simple activation (with wet or gloved hand)
• Dual function including flicker and SoS strobe

Odeo Distress LED Flare

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