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Salt-Attack Corrosion Shield Lubricant Spray is formulated with the latest P.T.F.E and polymer technology and is blended with premium anti-wear, anti-corrosion and moisture displacing additives. This makes it superior in all marine applications requiring a lubricant spray. It has excellent penetrating and moisture displacing action along with high film strength and outstanding residual lubrication. 

Use Salt-Attack Corrosion Shield after washing down with Salt-Attack Salt Remover to lubricate and protect your fishing reels and rods, it is safe on all mono filament and braided lines. Spray on all engine components and lubrication points

i.e throttle linkages, steering cables, electronic switches and wiring.


• Rods and reels

• Fishing tackle and dive gear

• Firearms and military equipment

• Boats and trailers

• Marine engines

• Cars, trucks and motorcycles

• Automotive equipment

• Electrical components

• Farming equipment

• Aviation equipment

• Remote control hobby equipment

• Tools

• Pneumatic equipment

• Threads, tapping and drilling

Salt Attack Corrosion Shield

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