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Salt-Attack Multi Function Engine Flush & Spray Gun is designed for ease of use with a throttle type control valve to switch from off to rinse to Salt-Attack

And will handle high Australian and New Zealand water pressures. Required for outboard and jetski flushes and most inboard flushing.

This engine flush & spray gun is constructed with a 3- position control valve off, rinse, Salt-Attack. Salt-Attacks Receptacle holds a 100 ml and has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 120 psi.

Full 12 month replacement warranty and money back guarantee.

TO FLUSH ENGINE: put 40-60mls (min 1/2-3/4 cup) Salt-Away concentrate in cup for up to 90hp motor, and for 90-300hp use 80mls (full cup) to flush your engine, wash boat, trailer, fishing and diving gear. Follow engine flush instructions included or visit web site.

This is my 3rd purchase of 3.79l Salt-Away Concentrate, which I have used on two different boats and engines over the past 5 years. The multi function engine flush & spray gun has shown consistently that it removes salt from the engine, the boat, the trailer & fishing rods and reels - resulting in reduced corrosion which in turn assists with a reduction in the day to day wear and tear on all metal moving parts. As long as I have a boat in the driveway - I will have Salt-Away in the shed ready to clean up!


Craig New

Salt Attack Multi Function Engine Flush & Spray Gun

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