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Panther (USA) brand.
No awkward steering from the stern.
Comes complete with two quick disconnect ball joint assemblies.
For engines 66cm (26”) apart centre-centre.  Reducible to 29cm (11.4”) by shortening (e.g. use a hacksaw) the included threaded connector rod (61cm/24” long). 
Brackets & clamps for attaching the ball joints to each motor are included.
Suitable for trolling/auxiliary motors up to 25hp.

3/8'-24 UNF thread on rod & stud. Drill a 10mm hole to mount the ball joint stud.

Stainless steel & chromed bronze construction for salt water use.

Installation note: it is very important that the quick release ball joints are not binding (and the tie bar is not striking any part of the boat or a engine) when the main engine steering is turned through its whole range.  Check this by turning the steering slowly through its whole  range while checking that the tie bar assembly still has movement (play) in it.  If not, stop and adjust the installation, then recheck e.g. reshape the tie ba

Salt Water Steering Link Kit

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