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Trojan wheel bearings available in multiple sizing’s to suit all Trojan hub sizings. Available in Chinese or Japanese branded bearings

Trojan hubs either have Chinese fitted bearings or NSK, Japanese bearings. What is the difference? As with all quality products that carry a guarantee the quality of the bearing can often determine the durability of the product. In most cases Chinese bearings are completely ‘fit for purpose’ and therefore we market these with confidence that they will be up to the task in most applications. If however you are looking for a higher level of reliability, durability and overall quality then NSK, Japanese bearings, should be the item of choice. They are machined to slightly higher material standards to the slightly lesser quality Chinese bearings as well as NSK being a global brand backed up by Japanese product support, quality systems, back up and service. At Trojan we are confident in ALL the bearing types we offer, they all are suitable for the various applications that our consumers utilise them, whether you are a weekend trailer user, a commercial trailer user we have the quality bearing to match.

Trojan 1500kg Bearing Kit

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