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After a long summer of use, have you checked the condition of your brake calipers?

Salt water can be very damaging, and your brake calipers may require replacement due to corrosion. Trojan offer high-quality stainless-steel brake calipers, designed specifically for marine applications. These Trojan stainless-steel brake calipers come fitted with 304 graded stainless steel backed brake pads as standard.  They will help avoid the often-costly issue of trailer braking systems seizing up due to corrosion. The issue of braking systems seizing up can be compounded if your trailer is immobile over the winter months. If you have inspected your brake calipers and they seem in good working condition, you may still want to check your brake pads for wear or separation. If they appear rusty or worn, consider upgrading to Trojan stainless-steel brake pads which have been specifically designed to prevent the separation of brake lining from backing plate due to corrosion damage.

Trojan Stainless Steel Brake Pads

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