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Make sure your boat trailer is visible day and night

Water and boat trailer lights have never been a great combination, which is why the team at Trojan designed their range of fully submersible LED tail lights. These lights have been designed with longevity in mind which is why they are supplied with a 3-year replacement warranty. The lights are completely sealed and come pre wired with 9 meters of cable so that you can run the wiring from the back of your trailer to the front with no joins, this prevents water from entering the light through your wiring and corroding the light from the inside.

Trojan LED lights are 12-24v compatible and are ADR compliant. They include stainless-steel mounting hardware and a new 7-pin trailer plug. The mounting position of these lights is completely adjustable, which should allow you to retro fit them to most trailers without the need to drill through your trailers galvanizing for fitment. The right-hand light also includes a multi position number plate light, and, as an additional upgrade we are able to supply a flexible rubber number plate holder which mounts behind the tail light.

Trojan Submersible LED Light set

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