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Designed to fit a variety of boat styles, this cover offers on economical solution for boat storage and occasional light trailering. Available in 4 sizes.

  • Suitable for seasonal storage and for occasional trailering
  • Fits a variety of boat styles
  • Heavy-duty canvas, breathable and water-resistant
  • 20 meters of tie-down rope included
  • Elastic hem around hull
  • No metal parts or abrasive seams
  • Grey ONLY
  • Solution Dyed Polester Canvas


MA 073-1     3.3 - 4.0m  Overall Length 4475mm

MA 073-2     4.0 - 4.5m   Overall Length 5220mm

MA 073-2     4.5 - 5.4m   Overall Length 5920mm

MA 073-4     5.4 - 6.4m   Overall Length 7185mm


PriceFrom $169.99
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